Environmental Chemistry and Materials Centre


About ECMC




ECMC has recently expanded its activities to focus on fundamental and applied research in chemistry, chemical technologies and materials science for Environment and Water Technology (EWT). The core activities include industrial waste water treatment, contaminant detection and remediation, value creating green products and processes, air and water quality management, and advanced environmental analysis. ECMG envisions to assume a leading and enabling role in research, innovation and industrial applications pertaining to these core activities. Some of the group’s current efforts are


(i)      Water Chemistry and Technology

·         Industrial waste water treatment

·         Innovative advanced oxidation processes

·         Rapid drinking water disinfection

·         Specialty product water


(ii)    Environmental Chemistry and Analysis

·         Environmental catalysis and catalytic processes

·         Chemistry enabled ‘mining’ of biomasses and emerging wastes

·         Sensor development and characterization

·         Environmental analytical chemistry


(iii)   Environmental Materials Science

·         Green chemicals and materials from renewable resources

·         Green and smart adsorbents and absorbents

·         New materials for non-conventional filtration and separation.