Students & Staff



1. Wang Penghua  
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Appointment: Research Fellow

Project title: Hybrid membrane Vis–LED photoreactor for simultaneous pharmaceuticals degradation and photocatalysts separation

Project short description: In recent years, TiO2–assisted photocatalysis has become a potentially cost–effective and environmentally–sustainable treatment technology for water reclamation and reuse. However, TiO2 could be photoexcited only under UV irradiation due to its large band gap which hampers its commercial–scale application. In addition, the key challenge for applying the TiO2 suspension system is that the TiO2 particles have to be separated from the product water. This study therefore focused on (1) developing visible–light responsive TiO2–based photocatalysts for photocatalytic degradation of pharmaceuticals under visible–light irradiation, and (2) developing hybrid membrane photoreactor (MPR) systems for photocatalyst recovery and reuse in the photoreactor.


2. Ronn Goei  
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Appointment: Research Fellow

Project title: Multi-functional ceramic membrane for removal of noxious environmental pollutants

Project short description: The project includes fabrication and performance evaluation of a high-throughput multi-functional ceramic membrane. The multi-functional ceramic membrane should possess a good photocatalytic activity, good anti-bacterial/anti-bio-fouling performance, and high permeability. Potential up-scaling and possibility of tapping into the abundant solar energy as the energy source were also considered.


3. Tay Sock Peng  
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Appointment: Research Associate

Project short descriptionWastewater treatment, development of environmentally-friendly materials, etc.