NEWRI Spinoffs


In NEWRI’s efforts to connect research with innovation and enterprise, we identify markets, scout for avenues of penetration/ connection, and explore commercialisation opportunities via the typical ‘IPs to Markets’.


As such, NEWRI has several spinoffs that pave the way for realization of commercialisation opportunities, covering the spectrum of our domains.


Aquaporin  Asia Pte Ltd

De.mem Pte Ltd 
Membrane Instruments and 
Technology Pte Ltd 
Water Optics Technology Pte Ltd
 HydroVision Asia Pte Ltd
 NE4Technology Pte Ltd

 Anesys Pte Ltd

Waste & Wastewater / 
Biotreatment processes

 Membrisys Pte Ltd
Water & Wastewater Treatment
Physical Processes
Chemisys Pte Ltd
Liquid toxic waste
Phytosys Pte Ltd
Agriculture Actives / Biofertilizer
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