NEWRI Community Development



Communities Endeavours System-Approach
Take a look at the commu​​nities and whats they have accomplished. NEWRIComm faces different challenges and opportunities with each project.​ Every project is different, which is why NEWRIComm developed a systems-approach to solve issues.

Every NEWRIComm project sees the coming together of NEWRI’s research and engineering capabilities, on-the-ground expertise of local universities and research institutions, and the contributions of the community. 

This partnership begins with an assessment of a community’s needs, the constraints of the site, and the existing relationships between environment, water and people. The research is then used to develop a package of solutions, which includes training, education and outreach so as to empower communities with the necessary skills and knowledge to takeover the project eventually.

NEWRI’s CSR programme enables powerful collaborations to meet challenges in the area of clean water and sanitaion in developing countries in Asia, through developments & implememtations of full scale innovations and holistic solutions.  

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