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NEWRI is proud that the first three IGS (Interdisciplinary Graduate School) graduates came from its centre. Here are some words from our graduates on their experience studying as IGS-NEWRI students:

L-R: Assoc Prof Xiao Zhongmin, Yanmei and Prof Bo
Liedberg (Dean, IGS) (Photo courtesy of IGS)

"As IGS-NEWRI student, I was very proud, lucky, happy and appreciated with the four years in IGS-NEWRI. I can say my research process was going more smoothly than expected. During the first year, it looked much tough for me since before I started my PhD study, I worked as a research associate in ocean engineering, which is quite different from my PhD topic. So, I had a lot of fundamental knowledge to learn, in solid mecha​nical engineering. Also I tried to be familiar with the software used, and finally master it. I got much confidence in myself when I passed my Qualifying Exam within 12 months and when I published the first journal paper on IPVP, the top journal in my research topic. There are many available resources to use and there are many activities organised by IGS which helped me a lot both in research and leisure time. You just need to be active to widen your vision, be patient and persistent in your research and you will go through all the​​ toughs." Zhang Yanmei​, Jan 2012 intake.

L-R: Prof Bo Liedberg, Jaslyn and Prof William Chen
(Photo courtesy of IGS)

"As an IGS-NEWRI student, I had the opportunity to carry out my research on a topic which I feel strongly about, which is on converting waste materials into food using microbial fermentation. In my PhD journey I have been able to see how research is done in other countries during a 3 month attachment in a lab in Wageningen University, and been able to present my work at an overseas conference in Brazil. During the past four years, my awesome lab mates have been crucial in helping me overcome my struggles and difficulties in my research. At the moment I intend to stay on as a post-doc in my current research lab."Jaslyn Lee, Jan 2012 intake.

Goh Kunli photo.jpg

"IGS-NEWRI promises something which no schools or organisation can offer and that is the rights of entry to two different research groups and their labs. This provides me the access into their inner workings which exposes me to more learning opportunities. While the learning curve may therefore be steeper, I relish the challenges which greatly increase my research capabilities. ​I hope that fellow students of IGS can make good use of this platform to not only learn from the group of your main supervisor but broaden your horizon by taking efforts to mingle with the groups of your co-supervisor and mentor to enhance your personal competencies. All the best and may all juniors have an enjoyable PhD journey.Goh Kunli​, Jan 2012 intake.