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​Innovation Centre Inauguration Ceremony

Published on: 17-May-2018


April 23, 2018 – Singapore – Barely a year ago, JFE Engineering Corporation (JFE) signed a research collaboration agreement with NTU to carry out work on the 'Development of Enhanced Utilization Methodologies for Slagging Gasification'.    The morning of Monday, 23rd April saw the Inauguration Ceremony for the opening of JFE's "Innovation Centre for Environmental Technology". The centre is supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board ("EDB").

Representatives from the National Environment Agency ("NEA"), EDB, and the Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (NEWRI), NTU Singapore, were in attendance to witness this event which highlights the culmination of a nearly two-year process in which both JFE and NTU engaged in extensive discussions on how to best synergize their resources and knowledge in order to best leverage NTU's upcoming waste-to-energy (WtE) Research Facility, the first plant in Singapore to feature JFE's High-Temperature Slagging Gasification technology. This technology has the ability to treat waste and reduce its volume efficiently, converting incombustibles contained in the waste into high-quality slag and metal granulates.

Through this Innovation Centre (the first of its kind for JFE outside Japan), JFE hopes to leverage Singapore as a test bed for its High-Temperature Slagging Gasification technology, and further develop its capabilities through the recycling of slag and metal as useful secondary material, as well as the treatment of various waste streams, including wastes like oils, industrial and medical wastes, sewage sludge from water reclamation plants, and incineration bottom ash from mass-burn facilities in Singapore.


Mr. Lim Kok Kiang, Assistant Managing Director, EDB said, "We are glad that JFE Engineering has chosen Singapore to anchor its Innovation Centre for Environmental Technology, a first-of-its-kind outside Japan. By leveraging JFE's Slagging Gasification technology, this Centre will help advance efficient waste treatment capabilities for the industry and contribute to the environmental sustainability goals of Singapore and the region.

Professor Shane Snyder, Executive Director of NTU's Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute, said: "JFE with its industry-leading gasification technology is a perfect research partner for NTU, where we have built strong expertise in waste management and environmental technologies."

"Together we aim to recover metals from waste and convert the remaining slag from gasification plants into usable construction materials. When successful, these technologies will bring Singapore closer towards 'closing the waste loop', reducing the amount of waste going to Semakau Landfill, thus extending its operational lifespan."

Mr. Masumi Sekiguchi, Senior Managing Director, Environmental Solutions Sector, of JFE Engineering Corporation, said: "We are very proud to have found in NTU the best research partner for the set-up of this Innovation Centre for Environmental Technology."

"We are also grateful to EDB for their support and help to make this Centre come alive. We believe that our joint R&D activities with NTU will not only contribute to develop innovative waste management solutions, which will help Singapore to achieve its long-term waste management objectives." 


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