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Preparing students skilled in environmental needs and sustainability for their professional careers

NEWRI Education Unit offers students postgraduate scholarships​ and collaborate with various colleges and schools, especially with the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme (IGP) for the recruitment of PhD students. While the candidates are enrolled with the respective schools for their course work, their research work is supported by NEWRI’s research centres in leading-edge laboratories with capacities and capabilities related to their particular domain, which includes membranes, biotechnology, chemistry, mathematical modelling and waste management. 

Our students are also given the opportunities to work with global research leaders and relevant industries to prepare them for their professional careers. 


Enhanced career prospects



Engagement with industry: Internship opportunities



Opportunity to work with global research leaders



Training/Upgrading Singapore’s Workforce for Environment and Water Careers (including targeted short courses) ​​​

In addition to its development and training programme for students, NEWRIEdu seeks to update, upgrade and upskill professionals in the environment and water sectors through involvement in NTU’s PACE (Professional and Continuing Education) initiatives, such as short courses and workshop seminars.


Significant participation in PACE Initiatives



Help Singapore’s SMEs with skills development


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