There are scholarships available for applicants who wish to pursue their higher degree through research.

  1. Interdisciplinary Graduate School Scholarship (IGS)

The Interdisciplinary Graduate School (IGS), NTU focuses on the key research areas within NTU's Peaks of Excellence. NEWRI supports the 'peak of peaks', Sustainable Earth, undertaking interdisciplinary research and advises IGS PhD students. With this approach, IGS aims to train a new generation of PhD students, who are exposed to an intensive seminar culture with ample interaction opportunities. 

To apply for IGS Scholarship, please click here.To apply for IGS Scholarship, please click here.

For August 2017 intake, the application deadline is 31 Jan 2017.



 2. Nanyang Graduate Scholarship (Water)

  To apply for NGS (Water) Scholarship, please click here: ​


 For the list of Supervisors and research areas of possible PhD studies, please click here​.