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AE​BC areas of research
AEBC has the capability of addressing scientific and industrial challenges arising from the entire value chain of wastewater reclamation and biosolids management. Their strong fundamental and applied environmental microbiology research platforms address complex wastewater-energy-resource nexus:​

Energy self-sufficient wastewater reclamation processes


Energy and resource recovery from biosolids with volume minimisation


Modularized aerobic or anaerobic membrane bioreactors

Eg. Novel treatment ​​processes with lower ​energy
  • ​Activated sludge
  • Food waste
  • Agriculture waste etc​​.
  • ​​Polymeric membrane
  • Ceramic​ membrane​​

Launched in May 2010, AEBC is the ‘Bio-technology and Bio-process’ Centre of Excellence of the NEWRI Ecosystem. Vital to humans and the environments, micro-organisms play critical roles in ecosystems, acting as decomposers to break down organic material. NEWRI, led by its Centre of Excellence AEBC, develops capabilities to harness the natural decomposition abilities of different types of micro-organisms to design bioprocess solutions that are efficient and cost-effective, and to convert contaminants in wastewater and waste, into energy and other resources.

Microbes aid the treatment and conversion of convert by-products (Eg. sludge) into useful material. Environmental microbiology mimics the biological conversion processes in the environment, keeping the waste water and waste treatment process as natural as possible.

Our vision
A centre of excellence providing leadership in application of environmental biotechonology and bioprocesses as sustainable solution to address the environmental issues for Singapore's environmental, water industry and the world.​

Our mission
Engage and excel in novel and innovative R.E.D (Research, Engineering, Deployment) collaborations in the domains of environmental biotechnology and bioprocesses with industry and community to develop sustainable solutions for Singapore’s environmental needs, and the world.

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