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Wave Flume​​ ​​​

​The wave flume is made of tempered transparent glass supported with a stainless-steel framework. It is 8.0m long, 0.3 m wide and 1.0 m deep, and is furnished with mesh type wave absorbers on both upstream and downstream ends. It is equipped with a piston type wave generator than can generate both regular and irregular waves with a wide range of frequency and amplitude. Ultrasound sensors (US 325) and resistance type wave gauges are provided to record vertical surface displacement floating covers as well as water. Additional elevated platforms are available for studies in the shallow water regime.

Towing Flume​​ ​​

​The towing flume has a dimension of 6.4 m (L) × 1.0 m (W) × 0.7 m (H). The towing system is precisely controlled and monitored by a centralized control panel to simulate the current with a constant speed of 5 to 150 mm/s. The flume can be used for measuring the mixing characteristics of buoyant/non-buoyant jet in ambient water or co- and counter- flowing current. 

Laser ​​

The laser is a dual-cavity pulsed with combined pulse repetition rate up to 100 Hz (Dantec Dynamics, Class 4 Nd:Yag, DualPower 50-100 Laser). A high speed Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) digital camera fitted with 570nm low-pass filters (Dantec Dynamics, SpeedSense 1040) is used to capture images at a sampling rate of up to 193 frames per second, and in 8 bits grayscale with a maximum resolution of 2320 × 1726 pixels. 

Electrochemical workstation ​​

​The electrochemical workstation can be used for electrochemical tests such as cyclic voltammetry, linear sweep voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for water electrolysis and super capacitor.

High Performance computing server

The 100 - core high performance computing server is capable of parallel processing, for running advanced simulation and modelling programs efficiently and reliably.


featured Software ​​

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