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R3C areas of research
Solid waste value capture through waste to energy and waste to materials technologies. 


Chemical stabilisation



  • Ash/slag re-utilisation
  • CO sequestration
  • Landfill remediation
  • Syngas upgrading
  • Chemical looping combustion

Air Pollution Control


Energy & Resource recovery

  • Portable analysis system
  • Corrosion control
  • Plastics to oil 
  • Carbon-based materials/Nanotubes

R3C strengthens Singapore environmental industry's capability in waste and resource management with emphasis on use-inspired R3 (Residues, Resource and Reclamation) research and translation for Singapore, Asia and Pacific region. It was launched in 2009 with support from EWI/EDB. It acts as a focal point for synergistic research collaborations with government agencies, industry partners, and educational and research institutions, both locally and from around the world, such as MEWR, NEA, PUB, SembEnviro, and IWWG. R3C also provides technical advisory services to various agencies and corporations. 

Its R.E.D activities are focused around these 3 key areas: 
  • Waste to materials - converting waste into new, useful materials; 
  • Waste to energy - harnessing energy from urban biomass, sewage sludge, agricultural residues, micro-algae; 
  • Contaminated site remediation - developing solutions and technologies for remediating contaminated sites.

R3 research and translation in Singapore and the Region 
  • Acting as a think tank to identify research needs 
  • Cutting edge interdisciplinary research within NEWRI and NTU 
  • Bench marking with international leading research institutes
R3 resource and technology transfer centre 
  • Research partner of R3 industry and the public sector 
  • Practical application of research outcome 
  • Monitoring and upgrading existing R3 plants 
Education and training for R3 professionals 
  • PhD programme including research scholarships 
  • Short term visiting professors grants 
  • International symposium, conferences and workshops ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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