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An Integrated WEB System: Towards "Zero" Waste and Energy Sustainability

The proposal aims to achieve a 100% removal of wastes (i.e., food waste, paper waste, and plastics waste) generated from Clean Tech Park (CTP), and concomitantly covert...


Conversion of Municipal Plastic Waste into An Innovative Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) Material

In Singapore, plastic waste ranks as the fourth largest waste stream. However, plastic is also one of the least recycled solid wastes...


Competitive Research Programme

Waste is not waste. Much of our disposed "waste" should not in fact be considered waste; they are simply misplaced resources. Based on current waste management concepts, these resources are normally buried in landfills or incinerated...


A Novel Pyrolysis-reforming Process for Fuel Oil Recovery from Mixed Plastic Waste

In Singapore, about 730,000 tonnes of plastic waste end up at incineration plants annually. These wastes represent an invaluable pool of resources that could be up-recycled...


Developing Singapore’s Environmental Guideline for the Utilization of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Bottom Ash in Land Reclamation

In Singapore, municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash (MSW IBA)is currently disposed of by landfilling. In land-scarce Singapore, managing costs...


Portable Micro Total Analysis System for Rapid on-site Determination of Environmental TCLP Metals in Waste Materials

Heavy metal ions and phenolic compounds have aroused serious public health concerns due to its high toxicity. Timely, cost-effective and accurate detection of these analytes...


Gasification-based Syngas Upgrading and Purification System for Enhanced Power Generation

In Singapore, approximately 3 million tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW) are annually incinerated in waste-to-energy plants. the electricity output of incineration plants is only 20-23%. However...

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