The Research-Engineering-Deployment path is NEWRI’s guiding philosophy that positions the institute uniquely to meet the needs of the industry and communities in the domains of environment and water technology. NEWRI’s know-how and innovations stem from fundamental scientific knowledge and research. NEWRI’s Engineering units enable NEWRI to bridge its research and invention for deployment in the marketplace, through engineering and testing of these discoveries at full scale. NEWRI’s deployment arms are constantly in touch with the industry and community to keep abreast of their current & emerging needs. 

As cities grow, emerging challenges need tailored solutions. NEWRI’s guiding philosophy – RED (Research-Engineering-Deployment), takes us from innovative deep research that forms our foundation of innovation and enterprise, to robust engineering where bridging of research to the market place occurs through derisking and applied translation, and eventual enhanced deployment through our collaborations, partnerships and supporters to solve problems in a real setting at full-scale with expert knowledge. This translates to our ability to pursue and meet industry’s needs and answer national interest economically and socially.

To be the premier environmental engineering solutions provider that engages in deep research, robust engineering and enhanced deployment.

Engage and excel in mutually beneficial collaborations with innovative solutions in respective fields of environmental engineering by de-risking and deploying our IPs and Technologies in a commercial setting for the next decade.