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​NEWRI-R3C Sharing Session​ (​NRSS) Season 4​

Published on: 11-Aug-2017


  1. To improve skills on public​ speaking, questions handling and preparation of presentation aids (contents/formats/illustrations) for all R3Cians.
  2. To update research progress, increase awareness of R3Cians as ambassadors representing NTU-NEWRI-R3C and promote bonding as a cohesive research group.
  3. To promote interdisciplinary learning, discover opportunity in the interfaces between disciplines/projects and encourage cooperation in research proposals + TD/patents development.


Session 3​: 22 September​ 2017, 9.30am to 10.30a​m,  NEWRI Meeting Room 1, CTO-06-08

Speaker 1: Mr Phua Zhenghui (PhD Student)


Session 2​: 8 September​ 2017, 9.00am to 10.00a​m,  NEWRI Meeting Room 1, CTO-06-08

Speaker 1: Mr Makhan Maharjan (PhD Student)​​  

Title: Bio-waste Carbon Based Pseudocapacitive Electrode for Supercapacitors


This presentation will cover the followings:

- Bio-waste as potential precursor for preparation of porous carbon as electrodes for capacitors.
- Physico-chemical characterization of the as-synthesized porous carbon.
- Electrochemical performance of the aqueous supercapacitors tested.


Speaker 2: Mr Lei Junxi (Research Associate)​

Title: Synthesis of Nanostructured Zinc Oxide and Application in Warm Fuel Gas Desulfurization


In this session, the synthesis of nanostructured ZnO loaded on a honeycomb support will be presented for warm fuel gas desulfurization. The synthesized nanostructured ZnO–loaded honeycombs and a commercial ZnO sorbent were applied for removal of sulfur compounds (H2S and COS) from syngas at 400°C.


Session 1​: 18 August​ 2017, 9.30am to 10.30a​m,  NEWRI Meeting Room 1, CTO-06-08

Speaker 1: Mr Zhou Xuedong (Research Associate)​​  

Title: Metal Ions' Detection in Both Standard Mixture and Real Sample with MCE-C4D


In this session, we will share our work about metal ions' detection on the eDAQ microchip electrophoresis(MCE) bundled with capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detector(C4D) system, ER225, scope involves about the parameter settings of C4D detector for different background electrolyte, sample preparation through solid phase extraction, detection results in the both standard of mixtures and the real application.


Speaker 2: Mr Withanage Don Chanaka Udayanga (PhD Student)​

Title: Comparison of Pyrolysis of Municipal and Industrial Sludge – Basic Properties and Heavy Metal Behaviour


In this presentation it is intended to present the basic property changes and heavy metals’ behaviour in pyrolysis of sludge from Ulu-pandan water reclamation plant and Jurong water reclamation plant in temperature range of 500-700°C.​

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