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​NEWRI-R3C Sharing Session​ (​NRSS) Season 2​​

Published on: 03-Jan-2017


  1. To improve skills on public speaking, questions handling and preparation of presentation aids (contents/formats/illustrations) for all R3Cians.
  2. To update research progress, increase awareness of R3Cians as ambassadors representing NTU-NEWRI-R3C and promote bonding as a cohesive research group.​
  3. ​To promote interdisciplinary learning, discover opportunity in the interfaces between disciplines/projects and encourage cooperation in research proposals + TD/patents development.

Session 8: 21 April 2017, 9.30am to 10.30am, ​NEWRI Meeting Room 1​​, CTO-06-08

Speaker 1: Dr Zhang Yuanyuan (Research Fellow)

Zhang Yuanyuan.jpg 

Title: Heavy Metals Speciation in Sediment and Their Leaching Behaviours under Different Water Condition


This presentation will show the study on the distribution of heavy metals in dredged sediment and their mobility under different water conditions. In detail, BCR-sequential extraction procedures were conducted to understand the speciation of heavy metals in sediment. A chelating agent (i.e., EDTA) was used to investigate the mobility of heavy metals. The pH influences on the mobility were also discussed in this study. This study could provide qualitative and quantitative information on the speciation of heavy metals and their bioavailability, and facilitate further research on exposure risk assessment as dredged sediment is reused in engineering applications.

Session 7: 31 March 2017, 11am to 12pm, ​NEWRI Meeting Room 2​​, CTO-06-08

Speaker 1: Dr Piyarat Weeranchanchai (Research Fellow)

Piyarat Weerachanchai.jpg 

Title: Packaging Waste Treatment Via Pyrolysis Process


This presentation will cover
- What is Laminated Packaging?
- Difficulties and Challenges;
- Current technology;
​- Research and Development ​.

Speaker 2: Ms Wanigarath J. A. Darshika Kumari (PhD Student)​

Wanigarathna Juwan Arachchillage Darhsika Kumari.jpg 

Title: Adsorption Based Separation of R134a, R125 and R143a Using 13X and Surface Modified 5A Zeolite


This presentation covers the adsorption based separation of industrially important fluorocarbon blends using commercial 13X zeolite and surface modified 5A zeolite. Commercial 13X zeolite was successfully utilized to separate R134a from a mixture of R134a, R143a and R125. The pore size of commercial 5A zeolite was modified using chemical liquid deposition(CLD) of TEOS. The modified 5A zeolite selectively adsorbed R125 and excluded R143a based on their different molecular sizes. This proposed method for the separation of above mentioned fluorocarbon blend can be easily scaled up for the direct industrial applications. ​

Session 6​: 17 March 2017, 11am to 12pm, ​NEWRI Meeting Room 1​, CTO-06-08

Speaker 1: Ms Herath H Mudiyanselage Gayana Anjali Dissanayake (PhD Student)

Herath H.M.G.A.D (Gayana).JPG 

Title: Removal of Glyphosate Metal Complexes Using an Adsorbent


This presentation will cover
- A brief Introduction to Glyphosate and Glyphosate metal complexation.;
- Change in spaciation with the presence of different compounds;
​- Challenges and Future Directives​.

Speaker 2: Ms Wong Lok To, Stephanie (Research Associate)​

Wong Lok To.jpg 

Title: WTE Research Facility – Gasification Plant


This presentation will cover
- Specification and plant layout;
- Reduction of Coke Consumption;
- Collaboration with JFE;
- ​Plug & Play Joints for Potential Application​.​

Session 5: 3 March 2017, 11am to 12pm, ​NEWRI Meeting Room 1​, CTO-06-08

Speaker 1: Ms Jayaweera Jayadana Ranathunga Arachchige Supuli (PhD Student)

Jayadana R. Supuli Jayaweera.jpg 

Title: A Review of Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) of Food Waste


This presentation will cover
- A brief Introduction to HTC of food waste;
- Developments of hydrochar in various applications;
​- Challenges and Future Directives​.

​Session 4: 17 February 2017, 11am to 12pm, ​NEWRI Meeting Room 2​, CTO-06-08

Speaker 1: Mr Yuan Guoan (Research Associate)

Yuan Guoan.JPG 

Title: Effects of Operating Parameters on Syngas from MSW Gasification with a Downdraft Gasifier

Introduction: The presentation will discuss the effects of air to fuel ratio, moisture content and temperature on syngas quality in terms of syngas composition, LHV, tar and HCl content.

Speaker 2: Mr Withanage Don Chanaka Udayanga (PhD Student)​

Withanage Don Chanaka Udayanga.png 

Title: Metal Stabilization by Sludge Pyrolysis over Combustion

Introduction: ​The ability of sludge pyrolysis to retain HMs without leaching and evaporating is one of the significant of pyrolysing of sludge over other thermal processes. The physical property changes of sewage sludge pyrolysis and incineration will be discussed in this presentation considering their leaching characteristics.​ 

NRSS 17th Feb 2017.JPGNRSS 17th Feb 2017a.JPG

Session 3: 3 February 2017, 11am to 12pm, ​NEWRI Meeting Room 1, CTO-06-08

Speaker 1: Mr Phua Zheng Hui (PhD Student)

Phua Zheng Hui.jpg 

Title: Effects of pH on the Heavy Metal Leaching of APC and ESP : Consequence of Mixing

Introduction: The presentation will discuss on the heavy metal leaching of APC and ESP under variable pH condition and discuss about the negative impacts when these 2 ash are mixed.

Session 2: 20​ January 2017, 11am to 12pm, ​NEWRI Meeting Room 1, CTO-06-08

Speaker 1: Mr Zhou Xuedong (Research Associate)

Zhou Xuedong.jpg 

Title: Determination of Metal Ions by Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis Coupled with Contactless Conductivity Detection: An Example of the Portable Micro Total Analysis System

Introduction: In this session, we will present our work on the Singapore's first system of microchip electrophoresis(MCE) bundled with capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detector (C4D), the influences of the running buffer and detection conditions will be discussed, and the preliminary result of metal ions detection will also be covered.

Speaker 2: Mr Makhan Maharjan (PhD Student)​

Makhan Maharjan.jpg 

Title: Electrochemical Performance of Bio-waste Carbon Electrode in All-Vanadium Redox Battery


The presentation will cover
- Vanadium redox battery (VRB);
- Influence of porous carbon as electrode substrate in electrochemical behavior in an all-VRB;
- ​Importance of redox couples and surface oxygen in electro-catalytic activity.​

NRSS 20th January 2017.JPG


Session 1: 6 January 2017, 11am to 12pm, ​NEWRI Meeting Room 1, CTO-06-08

Speaker 1: Dr Yin Ke (Research Fellow)

Yin Ke.jpg 

Title: Column Trial - Pilot Scale Study for IBA Land Reclamation

Introduction: This presentation will discuss column trial as the pilot-scale study of IBA project. Detailed operation procedures, experimental records, site observations, videos, pictures and preliminary results will be presented.​


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