Faculty and Staff


Management Staff​
​Interim Director ​​Assistant Professor Grzegorz Lisak
​Advisor ​Adjunct Associate Professor Cheong Hock Lai
Administrative and Technical Staf​f
Assistant Manager ​Ms Wong Yuet Mun, Isabelle
Executive ​Ms Lo Siew Cheng, Priscilla​
Research Staff​
Senior Research Fellow ​Dr Apostolos Giannis
Senior Research Fellow ​Dr Ge Liya
​Research Fellow ​Dr Chan Wei Ping
​Research Fellow ​Dr Oh Wen Da
Research Fellow ​Dr Piyarat Weerachanchai
Research Fellow ​Dr Shang Hongtao
Research Fellow ​Dr Veksha Andrei
Research Fellow ​Dr Wang Bei
Research Fellow ​Dr Yin Ke
Research Associate Ms Dou Xiaomin
​Research Associate ​​Ms Fang Wenjuan
Research Associate ​Mr Lei Junxi
Research Associate​ Ms Wong Lok To, Stephanie
Research Assistant​ ​Mr Lin Shengxuan
NTU / NIE Affiliated Academic Staff
​Professor Dr Chen Wei Ning, William
​Professor ​Dr Hu Xiao​
​Professor ​​Dr Loh Teck Peng
Professor​ ​​Dr Ng Wun Jern​
​Professor Dr Wang Rong
​Associate Professor ​Dr ​Dong Zhili
​Associate Professor ​Dr Law Wing-Keung, Adrian​
​Associate Professor Dr Lim Teik Thye​
​Associate Professor Dr Liu Bin​​​
​Associate Professor ​Dr Liu Chuan Fa​
​Associate Professor ​​Dr Richard David Webster
​Associate Professor Dr Thirumaran s/o Thanabalu
​Associate Professor Dr Wan Man Pun
​Associate Professor ​Dr Zhang Qichun
​Assistant Professor ​​Dr Cao Bin​
​Assistant Professor ​​Dr Fang Mingliang​
Assistant Professor​ Dr Roshan Deen Gulam Rasool​
​Assistant Professor ​​Dr Zhou Yan​
​Senior Lecturer ​Dr Lim Tuti Mariana
Lecturer Dr Sreekumar Pankajakshan​